Curtain Buying Guide

Curtain Headers

Choose from four different styles to suit your room’s décor.

  1. Eyelet/wave
    An ultra-modern style, your curtain is hung from a curtain pole using metal rings fitted along the top edge. The curtain can be hung beneath the ring (eyelet) or the rings can be sewn into the header and the curtain weaved along the pole (wave). Both styles are suitable for curtain poles only.
  2. Pencil pleat
    A very traditional approach to curtain headers. The top edge is gathered using strings, the curtains are then hung from a track or a pole using either hooks or rings. Pleated headers are also available as double or triple pleat.
  3. Slot top
    This neat header style is typically used on unlined, voile or net curtains. A long pocket is created along the header and the curtain pole is threaded through for a snug fit.
  4. Tab top
    A contemporary header, the tab top is ideal for showing off statement curtain poles. Your curtain is hung from a pole using fabric loops along the top edge.

Curtain linings

We have five different linings available to suit every room in your home.

  1. Blackout
    Ideal for bedrooms and nurseries, a blackout lining blocks out light and reduces noise for a good night’s sleep. This liner also helps to regulate temperature, keeping rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  2. Thermal curtains
    Specially designed for maximum insulation, our range of thermal linings are ideal for chilly British winters. They are proven to help reduce energy bills by blocking drafts and regulating room temperature.
  3. Interlined
    A step up from the traditional, lined curtain, the interlined curtail is ideal for adapting thinner, lighter curtains for year-round use. An extra layer of fabric is added between the curtain and the lining to provide extra insulation and fullness.
  4. Lined
    This traditional, tried-and-tested liner provides moderate light and noise reduction and protects the curtain from fading. A layer of fabric is fitted behind the main curtain. The finish is a curtain that is thicker and fuller than unlined options, but without the bulk and weight of a blackout, or thermal curtain.
  5. Unlined
    Ideal for summer, unlined curtains are often sheer in appearance maximising the amount of light in the room whilst maintaining privacy. Lighter and airier, these curtains capture the look and feel of a room overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the comfort of your own home.

Ready-made or made to measure?

Our ready-made curtains come in standard widths and drops to fit most windows.

Standard curtain sizes (cms): widths 117, 168, 228 x lengths 137, 182, 228.

Made to measure

If your window measurements fall outside of our standard size ranges, Plumbs made to measure service will ensure you get the perfect fit every time.